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Woodland / Davis Painting Contractor Goes Above and Beyond

Easton Painting is a family business centered on craftsmanship and community. Customers swiftly become friends. We enjoy entering their lives and giving as much of ourselves as possible. Referrals are great, and each person brings a story that shapes the Easton legacy.

Education is a huge part of our painting business. Since painting older homes has been our niche for years, studying the architecture and the colors applied fascinates us. Understanding the styles and craftsman that built these homes allows us to duplicate their expertise.

Today’s newer homes are a good percentage of our work. Remodels included. Adding a new color, changing from all white to a fresh shade of off-white with accents. Repairs, dry rot, wood replacement, stucco patches, drywall repairs,… We are trained and ready.

Wood species offer lots of fun for us. The grain in the wood, age, water stained, sun damage, and nicks allow us to practice the art of cabinet refinishing. My first cabinet job was a disaster, so I became an expert at cabinet refinishing. I spent as much time perfecting my cabinet craft as the historic homes.


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