Ensuring Christmas Arrives for Woodland Foster Youth

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Easton Painting and family joined 50 local rotarians, two Woodland businesses, Sherwin Williams' paint rep and manager, and the ladies at the ICU department to purchase presents up to $50 for local foster youth. Gifting to the Yolo county homeless children and foster transition youth who never get adopted and are enrolled in the independent living

Helping Yolo County Foster Youth

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The Life Essential Items for Emancipating Foster Youth project, 2015: Easton Painting in cooperation with the Woodland Sunrise Rotary, provided 27 Cabela duffel bags filled with "life essential" items to help emancipating foster youth transition to independent living and further their education and employment. This is the seventh year that Don has spearheaded this community

The Gift of Giving

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The Christmas tree is decorated, presents wrapped, and the smell of pine fills the warm air. Snowmen and Santa Clauses, Bing Crosby singing in the background, kids counting down the days until December 25…

Humanitarian of the Year

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Earlier this year Don Easton, President of Easton Painting, received a Humanitarian of the Year award from the PDCA. In true fashion, Don has continued his tireless work with a project that is near

Don’s Thoughts On Volunteering

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As a business owner, painter, husband and father, my time is as limited as the next person. My wife and I feel giving to our community creates value in the lives of others. We've donated clothes to shelters, purchased Christmas presents for the under-privileged children, and rescued pets from shelters. Seven of our children are

Hallway Remodel for Domestic Violence Center

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As a professional painter, I have the opportunity to volunteer my skills and direct others to help. Another Rotarian project last year was to remodel the hallways at the Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center. I led the Rotary members by choosing the paint colors, convincing our local Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards paint stores and

Christmas for Foster Kids

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In 2013 we handed out 47 cards (shaped like a tree) with their names and wish list. Before I could sit down, another eight names were wanted. Most of the presents were at our meeting the next week and the rest I went to the members homes or businesses to gather. Yes, the children get the

Emancipation Backpacks

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Emancipation backpacks are large duffle bag full of 'life essential items' for the Foster youth graduating from High School at 18 years old. With the assistance of the Woodland Rotary Club and their donation of $2000.00 to purchase the items and the bags we were able to purchase the Cabela duffle bags on sale in January for

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