Christmas for Foster Kids

In 2013 we handed out 47 cards (shaped like a tree) with their names and wish list. Before I could sit down, another eight names were wanted. Most of the presents were at our meeting the next week and the rest I went to the members homes or businesses to gather. Yes, the children get the

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Emancipation Backpacks

Emancipation backpacks are large duffle bag full of 'life essential items' for the Foster youth graduating from High School at 18 years old. With the assistance of the Woodland Rotary Club and their donation of $2000.00 to purchase the items and the bags we were able to purchase the Cabela duffle bags on sale in January for

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The Definition of a Craftsman

Mario Guertin, president of Painting in Partnership, Inc. in Palatine, Illinois, founded the PDCA Craftsmanship Forum in May of 2001. His idea was the idea of “The Pursuit of Excellence”. After 25 plus years in business, Guertin has been the recipient of many awards for his Residential repainting of Interior and Exterior, Decorative and Historical

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