Exterior Painting | Woodland, Davis, Sacramento

We have spent years dedicated to becoming the local experts in residential painting so your home will look beautiful and be well protected for years. Easton painters use a set of guidelines that will ensure the high quality product we promise. We wash the exterior surfaces, protect your windows, sidewalks, roofs and plants, go through an extensive preparation process, prime, paint, clean-up and leave the extra paint on-site for future touch ups.


 What can I expect from Easton Painters?

  • Power wash exterior surfaces with care taken to plants, wood, and windows. We do not clean windows after the wash.
  • After proper dry time (usually 2-7 days), we begin scraping loose paint and caulk.
  • Tighten loose boards by re-nailing or using screws.
  • Remove failed caulking and reapply new caulking with a 45 year Acrylic Urethane based caulk. Trim joints, voids, above windows and doors, and cracks will be caulked. Backer-rod will be used for gaps larger than 1/4 inch.
  • Use exterior spackle for nail holes and Bondo-type filler for larger holes.
  • Sand high ridges of areas where paint has peeled, sand doors and windows, and sand fascia boards as needed.
  • All surfaces to be clean of dust and water prior to painting.
  • Protect windows with plastic, plants with light weight drop cloths, concrete, roof, fences, and decks. We ask you to move your vehicle from the driveway.
  • All bare wood and metal, stains, and repairs will be primed with the proper primer.
  • Apply one finish coat to the siding and eaves using the spray and backroll/backbrush method as needed. Trim frames, doors, fascia boards, gutters, windows, accents by spray or brush and roll method using two full coats.
  • Clean-up painting areas, touch-up as needed, leave touch-up paint at the site.

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