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We have spent years dedicated to becoming the local experts in residential painting so your home will look beautiful and be well protected for years. Easton painters use a set of guidelines that will ensure the high quality product we promise. We wash the exterior surfaces, protect your windows, sidewalks, roofs and plants, go through an extensive preparation process, prime, paint, clean-up and leave the extra paint on-site for future touch ups.

 What can I expect from Easton Painters?

  • Move furniture to center of room and cover with plastic
  • Drop cloths, craft paper, paper tape to cover floors
  • Remove switch plates, light coverings, wall coverings, and hardware.
  • Spackle holes, touch-up texture, caulk voids and trim joints.
  • Woodwork will be sanded prior to painting.
  • TSP clean woodwork, cabinetry, kitchen and bath areas as needed.
  • Spot prime stains, bare wood, and patched areas.
  • Apply finish coats to areas using specific product and color.
  • Remove coverings, clean-up painting areas, reinstall items taken down, touch-up areas as needed, and move furniture back.

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